Vimeo AI

Vimeo AI: Video Creation Made Effortless

Vimeo AI is your all-in-one platform for creating and editing videos with AI assistance. It simplifies scripting, boosts your on-camera confidence, and streamlines editing. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly, so you can create and share videos on the go. Discover a new era of video creation with Vimeo AI.

Discover the Future of Video Creation with Vimeo AI

Vimeo AI is your gateway to a revolutionary video creation and editing platform that leverages AI to transform how you produce, edit, and share videos. Here’s what sets it apart:

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. AI Script Generator: Craft video scripts in seconds, saving you time and effort.
  2. Online Teleprompter: Speak confidently on camera with real-time guidance for professional delivery.
  3. Automatic Video Editing: Let AI identify and remove speech imperfections for seamless post-production.
  4. Text-Like Editing: Edit videos intuitively, just like editing written content.
  5. Mobile Accessibility: Capture, edit, and share videos on the go using the Vimeo mobile app.

User Benefits:

  • Effortless Scripting: Quickly create video scripts with AI assistance.
  • Confident Delivery: Present confidently on camera with teleprompter support.
  • Simplified Editing: Easily eliminate speech imperfections using AI-powered editing.
  • Text-Like Editing: Edit videos with familiar control, akin to editing text.
  • Mobile Convenience: Capture, edit, and share videos anytime, anywhere.


Vimeo AI revolutionizes video creation and editing, making it accessible to all. The AI script generator, online teleprompter, and automatic editing simplify video production, while text-like editing offers familiar control. With mobile accessibility, Vimeo AI empowers you to create, edit, and share videos effortlessly. Welcome to a new era of video creation with Vimeo AI.

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