Vidnoz: AI video creation with Vidnoz AI and Vidnoz Flex. AI avatars, realistic voices, versatile editing. Trusted by 500K users, 1M videos, 80% cost savings. Free AI tools available. No pricing details provided.

Vidnoz: AI-Powered Video Creation

Vidnoz offers AI and automation-based video creation with two products, Vidnoz AI and Vidnoz Flex, catering to different needs.

Vidnoz AI:

  • Create AI videos in a minute
  • 70+ AI avatars
  • 100+ realistic AI voices
  • 200+ video templates
  • Supports 23+ languages
  • Cost savings up to $10,000/month
  • Reported 74% conversion rate and +200% market share

Vidnoz Flex:

  • Versatile video tool
  • Browser-based video editing
  • Add CTAs for user actions
  • Easy video sharing
  • No pricing details provided

Use cases: Sales, marketing, communication, support

Free AI Tools by Vidnoz: AI Talking Avatar, AI Text to Speech, AI Avatar Generator, and more.

Company: Trusted by 500K customers, 1M videos generated, 80% cost savings, and 10X faster video creation. Praises from sales specialists, project managers, bloggers, and academic advisers.

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